LG G4 Photo special – Teaser

Anyone who follows me on social media (I’m @mobilemandan on Twitter) will know that I love my phone photography.

I am by no means a pro at it, and I’m still learning the different settings from ISO to shutter speed. However, with smartphone camera technology getting better all the time, it is something I have longed to get more involved with.

In a couple of weeks I am jetting off to America where I will be visiting New York and Los Angeles. For the trip I’ll be taking the LG G4 as my main camera to share the sights.

LG G4 Photo special   Teaser

Right now however I am in sunny Cornwall and, with my tripod LG G4 (thanks to the kind people at Three UK), I have been starting to play with the manual mode.

Low-light photos can be one of the hardest techniques to get right, especially with all the settings available to you, so as per my normal standard I have taken over 100 images and picked the best.

LG G4 Photo special   Teaser

I am preparing a photo album post of images over the next few weeks, but am so impressed with the few taken so far I wanted to share some.

This is only a small teaser of all the photos that will be posted shortly..

LG G4 Photo special   Teaser LG G4 Photo special   Teaser LG G4 Photo special   Teaser LG G4 Photo special   TeaserLG G4 Photo special   TeaserLG G4 Photo special   Teaser

If you want to know more about this handset, have a read of our LG G4 overview from the launch event.

If you’re interested in getting the handset on Three, have a look at the deals available.

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