TuneIn gets some Google Now action

Got TuneIn? Like using Google Now? Combine the two my good friend, because now you can simply speak to your phone and tell it what station you’d like to listen to. It’ll fire up the TuneIn app and start streaming the station in question.

So, if you’re in the car (and you have a healthy data package), you can now simply say…

OK Google, Play (insert your station) on TuneIn

TuneIn gets some Google Now action

Then, as if by magic, your station will start playing automatically. Now, let’s not forget the feature we published about getting in-car internet radio. A 128K stream guzzled about 1MB per minute, so ensure you’ve got a chunky data package if you’re using this on 3G or 4G.

I’m quite glad that we’re seeing Google Now getting cleverer. It saved me from a 2 hour jam on the M6 the other day and I’m hoping that further intelligence and app-hooks will be arriving soon enough.

There’s more details on the TuneIn blog and you can try saying this too..

Ok Google, open TuneIn in Car Mode.