Hexo+ – A faster autonomous flying camera

Hexo+   A faster autonomous flying camera
A short while ago you may remember just how impressed we were about the Lily drone. It’s basically a very intelligent camera attached to a drone that knows where you are. You chuck it up in the air and it follows your adventures from on high.

Hexo+   A faster autonomous flying camera

However, there is another drone. This one looks a little more “angry” and also follows you wherever you go. This one is a lot faster than Lily. This, the Hexo+, does 70kph (43.5mph) compared to the 25mph limit of the Lily. That means it’ll keep up with road cyclists and much more besides. It’ll auto follow and auto film you, plus it can be controlled gestures on your smartphone.

If you want one, head to hexoplus.com where a large scale delivery is planned for September.

Here’s a look at some of the footage you can grab if you’ve got one..

As usual, battery life is a little “tight”, but again this is due to battery technology. On the Hexo+ it’s just 13 minutes, but additional batteries will be in your backpack and they’re easy to swap.

It’s the same as Lily in the fact that there’s no avoidance system, but the people behind this drone tell us, “We are working on (this) right now and there will be a system update once fully developed. So far it looks promising but we can’t yet commit to a release date.”

That’s good news, because it means you don’t have to buy a whole new device to get the collision detection.