Pebble Time update.

For a moment yesterday we were concerned that Pebble Time, a device we were waiting patiently for, was going to be nothing but vapourware.

This morning there was a collective sigh of relief as, in our inboxes, we were greeted with an email from Kickstarter with an update on the Pebble Time.

Pebble Time update.

This certainly calmed a lot of nerves after the news yesterday that Pebble were having to borrow money and open lines of credit. I know that I am certainly more settled now that I know that my ‘black beauty’ is on its way to me.
Pebble Time update.

Just to think that within 2 weeks time this will be on my wrist. That is of course as assuming that something else doesn’t happen and that Pebble are true to their word, unlike another company that I will not mention.

So, backers of the Pebble Time, check your emails as the world is now okay again.

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