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Periscope has been been finding quite a following recently. It’s all over Twitter and it’s made by… Twitter. The app allows iPhone users to broadcast a live video stream around the world from their phone.

However, despite being released by Twitter themselves, the app is only available for iOS, leaving a large percentage of smartphone users unable to stream their life. There are multi platform alternatives available including

Broadcast Yourself with

Become an Internet Star is a live video streaming platform available for both iOS and Android devices, which allows you to create, comment and watch live streams from around the world.

When you create a live stream you are given the option to promote your stream by sharing the link over Twitter and Facebook. This is a nice touch is also the ability to save a copy of your stream to your device, this cool feature allows you to archive the video for later publication.

Broadcast Yourself with

Easy to use controls

As well as live streaming, provides the option to create short reel clips which will act as profile videos for 24 hours, allowing you to create a fresh impression every day.

The streams video streams produced by are good quality, and overall the app provides a well designed and satisfying experience.

Public broadcasting isn’t for everyone but if you you want to share your life in realtime video then check out, it’s a good option – especially for Android users feeling left out by Periscope.