OnePlus One, touch screen problems… sound familiar?

OnePlus One, touch screen problems... sound familiar?

The OnePlus One is a good phone. Heck, it’s a great phone for the price. In fact, it’s kind of like the Nexus line when you think about it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that were missing that could have made it an even better phone. Quick Charge, optical image stabilisation, and occasional software weirdness, I’m thinking of you.

But when one buys the OnePlus (geddit?), you’re probably aware of what you’re not getting as well as what you are getting. There are flaws. One such flaw is the touchscreen issue which has plagued this handset for a good long while ago. Apparently it was fixed in the firmware (more than once), so all’s well that ends well. Except… when a OnePlus owner updates the phone.

Then that damnable problem comes back again. This time, it doesn’t seem to matter whether people have updated to the Lollipop build of Oxygen OS or the CM one.

So once again, an update brings lots of new goodies to play with, along with the many changes courtesy of Material Design. However, the update brings unintended bugs that irritate the hell out of users who have to live with a phone. It so happens that the company has heard about it and confirmed they’re going to work on a new update to fix the problem. There’s no knowing when the update to land, but that’s pretty much the story of all updates.