Remix OS overview.

Remix OS overview.

The other day I unboxed the Remix Ultra Tablet and posted an article with my first thoughts.

I have now had a bit more time to use the tablet and I now wish to share an overview of the OS as it is very similar to the Android which we know and love, with some very significant differences.

I could go into to all these differences here, but I feel that it would be much better for you to see it, so here we have a wee video showing off the OS…

So far I am liking the tablet, but there are a few things that I do feel need to be addressed if this is going to be a challenger to replace your laptop. I have been providing feedback to the Jide team about the tablet. I can only hope that they will listen to this feedback and implement the changes in the next iteration of software (hopefully the one that rolls out with the Kickstarter release).

I hope you are enjoying these posts, I would welcome any questions that you would like to see answered. I was asked one and as a result I have produced this clip for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks guys. 🙂