iFit Announce Integration with the Sony SmartWatch 3

iFit is one of the most popular fitness brands, and today they have formally announced that their services will be integrated into the Sony SmartWatch 3.

iFit provides a complete fitness ecosystem to try and mentor you to a healthier lifestyle  and they partner with well-known companies such as Google Maps, ProForm and NordicTrack to ensure a smooth experience.

Alongside the Sony Partnership, iFit have a number of their own wearable tracking devices scheduled for release in 2015, from the low-end iFit Act to the high-end iFit Classic and Duo, which set themselves apart by actually looking like a proper mechanical style watch.

iFit Announce Integration with the Sony SmartWatch 3

An Official Photo of the iFit Classic – Which looks like a real watch


iFit also have a number of dedicated connected peripherals including an actual bed and a kitchen appliance to ensure complete wraparound support.

Behind the iFit hardware is a supporting subscription service which keeps a record and analyses your exercise, nutrition & sleep, allowing a tailored service personalised for you. If you sit still for too long you’ll get a reminder to get up and move around, when you want to cook, then personalised recipes will be sent to you, and your sleep patterns will be monitored and analysed.

This personalised total approach may resolve the engagement issues that I face when having to use multiple apps to track my health and fitness.

With this wraparound service you can see why it makes sense to integrate it with the Smart Watch 3, as it instantly provides a complete and personalised fitness experience. Hopefully we’ll get  hands-on experience with it soon to see if the reality matches the expectation.