That Samsung whistle. GONE!

We’ve all been there. Whether it be a packed train, a busy office, a corridor, bus-stop or supermarket. The infamous Samsung “whistle” notification goes off, then someone imitates it with their very own mouth-powered version.

That Samsung whistle. GONE!

It’s been the “sign of the Samsung” for years now, but now early reviews of the handset are stating that the whistle is gone, as is the “ripple” sound that used to accompany any movement across the lock screen.

The whistle usually meant that a text or email had arrived, but the sound also connected your ears to the Samsung brand too. Lots of brands now use a quick audible “jingle” so that it remains firmly wedged in your mind for the rest of eternity. The advertisers call this “Sonic Branding”. Intel (bod-du-be-dum) and T-Mobile use these constantly. I won’t insult your ears by digging out the audio rght now.

If you’re a fan of the whistle, don’t worry, you can probably still download it. For everyone else, here it is in YouTube form, just so you can remember it again and again and again :)

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