Google Launch Google Calendar for iOS

Google recently launched an updated Calendar app for Android to much praise. Featuring a streamlined interface with attractive visuals, the Google Calendar app has become the standard app for many Android users and now it’s available for iOS.

Google Launch Google Calendar for iOS

A Visually Appealing Calendar App

Google have gained a reputation for delivering high quality apps to iOS and Calendar continues the trend by delivering a functionally rich app to your iPhone. Interweaving Google’s unique art style with your calendar, the app provides a choice between the highly useful Schedule, 1 day and 3 day views.

Where a location is provided in a calendar entry an image or map view is embedded into the entry which provides a little bit of visual class often missing from calendar apps.

Adding a new event to your calendar is simple and also takes a natural language approach, start typing an event and Google Calendar will start to complete the entry for you, start to enter a location and the App will makes logical suggestions as where the event is taking place.

Whilst a Google account is required to use the App, Google Calendar also provides an integrated view of all the calendars visible to your iPhone.

Currently not an universal app, Google Calendar is free of charge and is definitely aimed at bringing order to iPhone users and if the default iPhone calendar App doesn’t quite meet your requirements then the Google Calendar App is worth a look.

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