Apple may be waterproofing the next iPhone

We’ve heard these rumours before about waterproofing but this time they come with a little weight.

Apple may be waterproofing the next iPhone

Apple have applied for a new patent that allows the coating of components with a silicone based substance something called “hydrophobic coating.” From what I understand, it’s basically a way to coat everything on the interior of the device so that it expels the water.

Dropping your phone, breaking the screen. Letting it go swimming by mistake are the major causes of devices becoming used as book stops. The new patent offers protection against the latter. Yes, sure, you can get a case to protect it but adding the extra bulk isn’t for everyone. Hopefully soon we’ll have a LifeProof Nuud on an iPhone 6 Plus. Keep coming back to check and we’ll let you know how that goes.

With Sony and Motorola having made the move to waterproof their devices years ago, there’s no saying how far Apple will take this. The patent doesn’t specify any devices but the most likely would be the iPhone and Tim Cook has announced that the new Apple Watch will be wearable in the shower, could this be a start of the step towards waterproofing their products?

Another thing that’s just come to mind. I wonder if this could restrict repairability by stores? Apple devices are more modular now to make swapping components easier. Surely opening the devices would compromise the integrity of the coatings. As the patent doesn’t explain any of this, that’s a question for another day.

Source – Apple Insider