Vodafone SIM-only deals – reduced prices on Red plans

Got a phone? Happy with it? Just want a SIM? Vodafone look to have tweaked their SIM only deals with their Red 12-month plans dropping in price. The base Red deal is now £15.30 (down from £17) and you’ll get unlimited texts and calls with 1GB of 4GB data per month. However, what you don’t get on that plan is any NOW TV, Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify action. All the other Red plans include these in one way or another.

For the data and speed demons, you can pay £30 and get unlimited calls and texts with a massive 20GB of 4G data per month. That’ll also give you 12 months of either Sky Sports Mobile, Spotify or NOW TV.

These are available on-line, in stores and on the phone.

Vodafone SIM only deals   reduced prices on Red plans