MWC – IKEA build wireless charging into your furniture

MWC   IKEA build wireless charging into your furniture

Think IKEA and you think of a weekend spent touring the store, navigating other couples who are as equally stressed, annoyed and argumentative as you and your wife or girlfriend are. You’ve probably experienced the 14 mile walk around the predefined pathway around the store. You may have measured a cupboard, scribbled down some figures with a free pencil, then shouted some foul language after finding that the cupboard is out of stock. Oh, and after all that, you buy some bizarre bamboo plant which doesn’t fit in your car.

After coming home, having an argument about the stupid bamboo plant, going back again the next day, circumnavigating the store, getting the cupboard, shoving it in your car, driving home in first gear with your head pressed up against the dash because the cupboard is jammed in your face; you have yet another argument and end up with some cobbled-together mess which stays up thanks to far too much super glue.

MWC   IKEA build wireless charging into your furniture

To sum up then, IKEA are doing furniture with wireless charging pads in them. It’s all about furniture in fashion and adding some cool tech to it too. Samsung, who announced their S6 and S6 edge handsets on Sunday (when I was perhaps more sane and had grabbed more than 2 hours sleep), have said that you can use their new devices with this special IKEA furniture, so slap your shiny new Samsung onto your Flaofuda lamp (or whatever crazy name they give it) and you’ll charge your battery without wires…. except for the wire in the lamp. You’ll need that one.

What I’d like to suggest, at this point, is that the cookies in the media centre here in Barcelona are quite clearly NOT enough to stop me going slightly insane due to hunger.

Press release gubbins below.