Pebble for Android gets actionable notifications

Pebble for Android gets actionable notifications

Pebble have been playing catchup to Android Wear this year, with the latter offering more features. Festive such as actionable notifications, whereby you get an email and you can delete it from your watch. It was the one feature that kept me using Android Wear.

During the night Pebble have pushed out an update to their Android app and in the last few days they’ve pushed out a firmware update that both help close the gap in features between Pebble and Android Wear. They’ve added actionable notifications by utilising Android Wear and developers modifying their apps to work with Android Wear. So now you can reply using several canned responses and also some apps have further options and for me most excitingly you can delete emails from the watch.
Pebble for Android gets actionable notifications
Getting it all working as you’d expect is a little fiddly. Update the Pebble app from the Play Store first, then open it, check for firmware updates for the watch (it should be V2.9), then if you want actionable notifications you’ll need to install the Android Wear app from the Play Store. Yes you need to install Googles watch app to make your Pebble work a bit better. Once done it’s just a matter of getting some notifications and having a play around.

So hats off to Pebble for publicly using someone else’s software functionality to make their watches better. Personally I see this more as a stop gap before their next generation of watches and software. Which in the current wearable world who knows what they’ll do next.

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