YotaMirror in action on the YotaPhone 2

This video is actually going to form part of my YotaPhone 2 review, which will be online shortly, but I wanted to give the YotaMirror function a bit more focus. The YotaPhone, which we’ve already already taken a good look at, has two screens – a “usual” AMOLED up front and an always on e-ink panel forming the rear.

What that means is that you can read books, check emails, texts and weather without firing up that power-hungry front colour screen every few minutes.

But there’s going to be doubts. WHat about ghosting on that rear screen? What’s the refresh rate like?

YotaMirror in action on the YotaPhone 2

Well, we wanted to test all that and the video below is the result. Here you’ll see how the rear panel sometimes “flashes” to wipe away the ghosting after displaying other info and, to push that refresh rate, we wanted to try out YotaMirror.

For those of you who are worried that your e-reading app won’t work with this particular phone, don’t be. The YotaMirror function means that anything that shows on the front screen will instead get pushed out to the rear panel.

So how, for example, does it handle a quick-moving YouTube video? Let’s find out shall we? What’s the worst that can happen? 🙂