Google close Glass Explorer Programme

News is coming out that Google are closing down their  ‘Glass Explorer Programme’ and will stop selling the devices next week.

Details are still rather limited but Rory Cellan-Jones who is a technology journalist for the BBC has said the following

Google close Glass Explorer Programme

More information over on the BBC website confirms Google are still looking to develop a ‘Smart Glass’ type product in the future, but it’s existing form will stop being produced and sold.

Glass will be on sale until next week via the Play Store and after then no new orders will be taken, however existing customers will still be able to get support.

Google close Glass Explorer Programme

Whilst being a very new idea and exciting for a lot of people, Glass did come in to a lot of criticism for privacy issues and some locations even banned people from using them because of this.

We spent some time with Google Glass a little while ago and whilst the idea was impressive and futuristic, the high price tag of £1000 here in the UK and the limited battery life were just a few of the obstacles the company needed to get over before making this a mainstream product.

It will be interesting to see where Glass heads next, fingers crossed a new improved product is not far away but we must at least give kudos to Google for at least trying something different in the tech space.