Harmon Kardon and MixRadio: interwebmusic to your speakers

Harmon Kardon and MixRadio: interwebmusic to your speakers

When I was 20, somehow I got hold of a kick-ass pair of speakers. They were big and strong enough to sit on, and as long as I had the amp to drive it, you could probably hear the sound it kicked out in the estate near where I lived. I even connected up my computer to my video to the sky connection downstairs to my hifi system and I could play whatever I wanted everywhere through those big assed speakers.

Times have changed. Systems have gotten smarter, and now quality plays as equal part in my enjoyment. Also, I don’t have a VCR player. The idea of connecting things to other things to play stuff still lives on, and this is where Harmon Kardon have created a somewhat interesting set of speakers that piqued my interest in CES.

In their latest wireless (HD, no less) audio system, they’ve partnered up with MixRadio to be able to broadcast straight to their brand new Omni system. They say they’ve got 35 million tracks, so I’m betting that there’ll be somethingthat I’ll enjoy listening to once I’ve got a little of that multi-room goodness set up to blast my bass-heavy music all over the house.

The full information can be found in the press release here:

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