That’s it, I’m jacking it in

Thats it, Im jacking it inSeriously? I’ve spent about 12 years writing about smartphones. It all started off with the Microsoft Smartphone, then Windows Mobile, then Windows Phone and now it’s all seemingly going around in a big fat circle with Windows 10 Mobile.

That’s not my beef though. I’m not even in a bad mood about the completely unacceptable state of battery technology in mobile devices either. Oh no. I’m just narked off about the 2.5 million hits this supposed “test” has had..

Ad revenue has a lot to answer for my friends. Perhaps I should earn a pretty penny by smashing up phones and calling it a “test”. That’d get loads of views. 2.5 million views. Imagine the revenue off that. It’d pay for a replacement Lumia 925 my friends.

So thanks “TechRax” (who seem to just specialise in destroying phones for fun), we’ve now found out that if you whack a phone with a big f**k-off hammer it’ll break. Stop the press.

Yes, I realise the irony of this post, plus the fact that in helping their view count.
Need coffee…. 🙂