Sky Fibre 38Mbps broadband for just £10 a month.

There is a 25GB limit though.

Sky Fibre 38Mbps broadband for just £10 a month.

UK TV/Phone/Broadband supplier Sky has announced a new broadband package. For those interested, it’ll cost just £10 a month for up to 38Mbps fibre internet.

However, it’s really for those who don’t use too much data as it is capped to a limit of 25GB download per month.

Sky line rental is also required for the Sky Fibre package, which costs £16.40 a month, so you’re paying a total of £26.40. Sky has also revealed that other one-off connection fees could apply.

For those who require more data from their home connection, Sky also offers Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro.

Get more information on the Sky website.

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