Karbonn Mobile mark their UK launch with a Black Friday price-drop

Now, let’s admit it. You’ve probably not heard of Karbonn Mobile. They are, however, entering into the lower end of the Android smartphone market and, right now, you can get their flagship – the Karbonn Sparkle from Amazon for just £129.99. That’ll get you Android 4.4, 5 megapixel camera, a 1.3Ghz quad-core CPU, 4.5″ screen, 4GB ROM, 1GB RAM and a microSD slot for up to 32GB.

Not only that, but this is part of the Android One programme – making phones aimed at first-time smartphone buyers. It targets the developing world, but that doesn’t mean the people in Walsall can’t get one of these Sparkle handsets SIM-free for less than £130.

Karbonn Mobile mark their UK launch with a Black Friday price drop

We’re getting wind that this price is due to drop to £99 today, so keep an eye on Karbonn Sparkle going even cheaper.

Karbonn mobile seem to be making a big push into the UK, launching right now to give us a “wide range of superior quality and stylist smart devices”.

They’ve got other handsets too, including the £119 Karbonn S6, which is dual-SIM and has a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU (8 megapixel camera, 5″ screen). There’s also the Karbonn A19 at £89.99 (dual-core 1.3GHz CPU, 8 megapixel shooter, 5″ screen) and the Karbonn A5S for just £69.99. That one has a 1.2Ghz dual-core CPU, 5 megapixel shooter and 4″ screen.