Black Friday – G Watch for £79

There’s nothing like the sense of togetherness at Christmas time, so it’s great to see people ramming each other out of the way and fighting in stores to get their hands on a bargain. With finances stretched, we’re either punching people in shops or going online and generally swearing at the pathetic state of the websites for most stores as they collapse under the weight of visits.

Anyhow, Google Play is still running, and right now you can get yourself an LG G Watch for £79 right here. That’s a massive £80, so it should set off a mild sense of both panic and rage inside you as you head off to hunt for yet another bargain.

Black Friday   G Watch for £79

The LG G Watch was £159 and this deal is on from today until December 1st. If you can contain your urge to click the “buy” button for a brief second, head off to our review to see what it’s like first. 🙂

Black Friday   G Watch for £79

By the way, we should just mention that the discount gets applied when you go through the checkout.