Black Friday – Chromecast down to just £18

OK, here we go. Ready for the insanity?

Black Friday, as you’ll all know, marks that horrific day, just 10 years ago, when the Coolsmartphone server went off-line for a day. People went mental, they put their phones down and went into stores, trying to find phones and other gadgets to quell their insatiable hunger for the latest mobile tech. The rush of gadget-loving people meant that stores had more customers has led to this bargain-crazy day, so enjoy it my friends.

If you’re in the US then your belly will no doubt be pretty full after your Thanksgiving Dinner. Here in the UK it’s a regular work day on today and Friday but we know… we know that you’ll be stopping up late or secretly buying something on your phone whilst your sat on the toilet at work. You … we know you..

Black Friday   Chromecast down to just £18

So, here’s another. The Chromecast, which we took a look at a while back will drop down to £18 in Tesco tomorrow. Right now, as I type here on my multi-screen office environment (see below), I’m seeing it for £30, but we’re hearing that some stores have already switched the prices early ahead of the Friday price-drop. Head to the Tesco Direct website on Friday and you should see the new price.

By the way, I should just point out that this is the Zagg Keys Universal Bluetooth keyboard, which is £38.

Black Friday   Chromecast down to just £18