Jolla crowd-sourced tablet smashes funding target

Jolla crowd sourced tablet smashes funding target


Well that was fast! In less than 24 hours Jolla have smashed their target for the first crowd-sourced tablet that we originally reported on yesterday here. The initial target of the kickerstarter-like funding campaign was $380,000 and Jolla has (as of 12 oclock noon uk time today) obliterated that with the indiegogo project currently running at a total raised $1,047,715! In 24 hours!!!


Briefly reiterating our first post, the Jolla Tablet will be a 7.85″ 2048×1536 330 ppi capacitive-screened device running  Intel 1.8GHz quad core processor with 32GB onboard storage and 2GB RAM with a 4300mAh battery. I personally am very excited by this tablet and am strongly considering taking a punt on the campaign myself, pay-day and looking to Christmas being the only reason I’ve not put money down already. This is a great move by Jolla as their inaugural device being a phone did really challenge peoples conceptions of what a smartphone should be and what it can do. Running the Sailfish OS means that Sailfish uses both a growing number of purpose-built, native applications plus it has the ability to run Android apps as well. A tablet is a much better way of introducing people to this new operating system which relies on intuitive swipes and pulley-menus alongside a device altering ambience setting which changes the look and feel of the device. Once users have experienced the OS via a tablet, learnt it in their own time I think they would react to a phone powered in the same way with a lot more understanding and eagerness.

Jolla crowd sourced tablet smashes funding target

So massive demand for a tablet and the skies the limit with the first devices expected in the second quarter of 2015? Go Jolla go! Are you planning on taking the plunge? Will you need a new tablet by July next year? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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