I hope this is a joke. I hope this is a joke.

I’m really not sure where to start with this Kickstarter project. To be honest I’m glad that (at the time of writing) it’s only managed to achieve $1 of the $35,000 which is supposedly needed to put it into production.

I hope this is a joke. I hope this is a joke.

Now, we know that driving and texting is bad. We also know that interacting with your smartphone in any way whilst you’re in charge of a vehicle is a bad idea, but still a lot of us do it, even if it’s illegal in some countries.

Yet, to stop people “dropping the phone whilst in traffic” or having to “reach around” to find it when a text comes in, someone decided to come up with a contraption to stick it to your bloody steering wheel. Never mind simply not using it when you’re driving. This makes it easier to see your phone whilst driving, although in the video they do make some half-arsed attempt at a safety message by saying that…

On the roads today there’s plenty of distractions. Traffic, the radio and of course, cellphones.

No, no. Traffic isn’t a distraction. That’s something you SHOULD ACTUALLY BE LOOKING AT ..

… you doughnut.

Anyway, they then say that you can stick your phone onto your steering wheel so that it’s “visible and easily accessible”.

After I’d wiped the coffee stain off my screen they quickly qualify this point by saying that Alfha Mobile (which seems to be spelt “Alfah Mobile” and “Alfha Mobile” in the video for some reason) would prefer that you pull off to the side of the road to text, call or use navigation.

Honestly, even if Alfah / Alfha Mobile have good intentions you know that the end result will just be more people texting or browsing at the wheel, or people inadvertently honking their horns as they’re pushing down on the screen, or probably a lot more dead and injured people. Bonkers.