Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor

Some clever sausage somewhere decided at some point that the standard SIM cards were just too big. Despite some phones still being massive (phablets etc), we’re seeing the teeny-tiny nano SIM slot on some phones, with the slightly-larger micro SIM now being an almost-standard.

However, there’s still those who swap phones often enough or travel and use a temporary phone and, when you realise that your nano SIM won’t fit the micro SIM slot or the standard SIM slot, you’re in a world of pain. Likewise, there’s those with a micro SIM who might have themselves a phone with a standard SIM adaptor.

What to do?

Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor
Well no, there’s plenty of these adaptors floating around on the ‘old eBay, and one company selling on there got in touch. Sharpe Innovations sent us there adaptors, and they sell for $4 on eBay. For that you’ll get a micro to standard SIM adaptor, one nano to standard SIM adaptor and a nano to micro SIM adaptor as you can see below. That works out for just over £2.52 for the set of three and they’ll do a discount if you order more.
Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor

Sharpe Innovations are an American company and they’re keen to point out that these are made in the USA and are not “cheap knock-off Chinese replicas”. Out of the bag I can definitely tell you that they’re well made. I’ve seen some adaptors before that have small “legs” for holding the SIM card itself in place. Here there’s nothing of the sort, so I assumed that the SIM card would would simply fall through the hole.
Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor
However, the dimensions of your SIM and the adaptors here are so precise that there’s absolutely no movement whatsoever when you put the card in. It holds the SIM card solidly and, even when inserting and removing it from the phone, there was no sign of the card dropping out. The card registered properly and all the usual services popped up as expected.

The plastic is heat resistant to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which in new money is way past boiling point at 121 degrees celsius. This will mean that they’re going to maintain their shape even next to your hot battery.

If you want to get a set, even if it’s for a “just in case” scenario, head to their eBay store or their website.

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