Gmail gets to update to Material design

This morning Android owners will have awoken to the news of Nexus 9’s being unboxed around the world (ours is here). Even if you don’t have a Nexus device you will be pleased to hear that you too can enjoy the new Gmail app from Lollipop as it’s just been updated.

I’ve applied the update to my Xperia Z3TC and due to the very cool screen record app I can share a brief overview of the way it looks with you.

I have to say that after using it for a bit on my Nexus 9 last night I do quite like how quick and fluid it is to manage multiple accounts. Also the ability to write from the widget icon is really nice. Even the widgets look better. Well played Google, this is a nice treat for non Nexus owners. Keep these little feature’s coming

For more new feature from Android Lollipop keep following as we are testing the Nexus 9 right now