Nexus 9 announced

Nexus 9 announced

The new Nexus tablet is here and it looks brilliant. Is it enough to compete on the market as it stands?  Well lets dig in and try to find out.

I have owned and used both the previous Nexus 7 tablets amongst others, so I have been keen to see what the next generation of Google’s tablet would look like. We all heard the rumours and I can say that the rumours were true to form and we do indeed have an 8.7” screen on a tablet that weighs in at less than 1lb or 454 grams. Needless to say this is a significant departure from the previous style of tablet that Google have made. So the screen is going to a 4:3 aspect ratio, is that such a bad thing? Well, I don’t think so as this is what the bestselling tablet uses at the moment and it seems to work there so why can it not work here?

The core of this new tab is that it is running the new Tegra K1 super chip at 2.3 GHz, Kepler DX1 GPU and 2gb of RAM. It is the first 64 bit architecture tablet on the market. This puts it square in the crosshairs of the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact and also the Galaxy Tab S Range. Like all previous Nexus devices there is still no expandability in the form of a Micro SD card slot which is a bugbear of mine but hey ho. Storage sizes will be 16gb and 32gb

One addition that has got me a bit hot under the cooler is the fact that it is going to have the option of a Keyboard accessory, this will make it a conceivable option for people on the go like myself.
Nexus 9 announced

You can order worldwide from 17th October although  UK pricing is still to be confirmed. We will bring you any more news as we get it.

In the meantime here is a vid to get you a little more excited.


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