Further evidence that some people are mental

Let’s just bring you up to speed with the whole iPhone business shall we? In shock news to the intellectually challenged, it turns out that if you don’t take care of things, they can break.

iPhone 6 Plus owners were surprised that, after jamming their thin, expensive but fairly sizeable handset in their tight pockets and repeatedly sitting down, it warped their device. The media jumped all over the bandwagon, then people decided to “test the theory” by intentionally bending their own phones.

Now, at the top of the stupid mountain, two teenagers have popped into the Norwich Apple store to “test” the Apple strength claims. They apparently spoke to the Apple staff members, who told them that kinky iPhone 6 handsets were just “rumours”. So the lads, being teenagers, decided to go ahead and deliberately break something they didn’t own.

They’ve removed the video, but they’re obviously not fully aware how the internet works and it’s been re-uploaded elsewhere on YouTube


So, yet again, we’re continuing to get the same old message here. If you take something that’s thin and apply enough force, it’ll bend. Next up, news that if you drive your car into a street light, it’ll break.

Anyway, I can’t sit here all day, I’ve got to go to Tesco, furiously shake some bottles of Pepsi and then put in a complaint because they squirted all over me when I opened them. Oh, oh, oh! I might put a compensation claim in too, just to try and deny my own stupidity.