The madness begins

I’m sitting in a rather damp car park in Birmingham. Right now I could go to the Apple shop and buy the iPhone. Hey, if I’m lazy I could go onto the Apple website and get one there instead.

First though, I should tell you the iPhone prices again, because I need you to remember them..

16GB iPhone 6 – £539
64GB iPhone 6 – £619
128GB iPhone 6 – £699

16GB iPhone 6 Plus – £619
64GB iPhone 6 Plus – £699
128GB iPhone 6 Plus – £789

These are the direct-from-Apple prices. Brand new, SIM free.

However, on eBay the insanity has already started. Some of those who waited in queues didn’t want to do it for themselves, they wanted to fleece cash out of you.

The madness begins

eBay is your destination for the world of bonkers-ness, where you can click “Buy it now” to grab the iPhone 6 128GB for a mere £855. It’s priced at £699 in the Apple store, so hey – it’s only £156 more than it should be. Perhaps the seller is going to hand deliver it in his Bentley. Who knows..

The madness begins

If you’re looking for the 16GB version (retailing at £539), then this particular gent wants just £799 – £260 over the asking price. It should be pointed out here that I’ve not checked the delivery costs, but if I catch any of you even considering buying one of these eBay listings I’ll come round to your house and slap you with a wet fish.

The madness begins

How about the iPhone 6 Plus? Well, things don’t get much better unfortunately. This 16GB model should cost £619 but the money-grabbing pillock (who’s oh-so-helpfully written todays’ date on a Post-It note for some odd reason) wants £829. That’s £210 more than it should be.

Lastly, the most expensive iPhone 6 Plus which costs £789 on the Apple website. It’s on eBay for £1049 – £260 over the odds.

The madness begins

Do you want to know the worst part?


Here’s the 64GB iPhone 6, which should cost £619. It sold for £799!! ARE. YOU INSANE ?

The madness begins

Seriously. If you want to spend hundreds more than you need to for your new iPhone, just do this…

1 – Go to, find the product you want.
2 – Add £200 onto the total displayed on the website.
3 – Send me all the money via PayPal, I’ll go fetch it tomorrow from the Bullring in Birmingham. Heck, I might even go to London or Manchester. Why not? I’ve suddenly got pots of money to spend. I might even hire a Mercedes SLS for the day, go and get the phone for you, take loads of pictures of me doing it on your new iPhone, then post it second class, just to rub the salt in the wounds.

I’m going for a lie down. I’m not linking to any of these listings because, really, AVOID.