Get the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on giffgaff

How does a brand new iPhone 6 at £29.89 a month sound? Good? Well, on giffgaff they split the cost of phones and talk plans (aka, “goody bags”) so you need to add on the goody bag you’d like on top of that. If you go for a £7.50 goody bag then you’ll get 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data. Swap to a £10 goody bag (these goody bags are rolling monthly ones, so you can swap as and when) to get 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB data or pay more depending on your requirements. Either way, you’ll need to pay £50 up front for the iPhone 6 and it’s a 24 month contract for purely the handset.

If you’re looking to get the iPhone 6 Plus, then it starts at £33.56 a month for 24 months with a £50 up front payment and a £7.50 goodybag. Again you can choose the goody bag that suits your needs.

Remember that these “starting at” prices will be for the 16GB versions. If you want more storage you’ll have to pay more.

Also you can just buy the phones out-right on the giffgaff site if you’ve got the money, but seconds after they’ve sent us the press release below and they’re all out of stock.  :(

Get the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on giffgaff

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