More iPhone 6 pre-order details

With the O2 and EE websites both struggling under the load of iPhone fans trying to pre-order, we headed over to Carphone Warehouse to check prices. We’ve already covered the Vodafone deals, but if you’re looking to get the handset on either EE or O2 then expect to pay the following for the 16GB version..

More iPhone 6 pre order details

Head to the Carphone Warehouse site to tweak the model type and storage size to your preference, as the above screenshot is for the base model.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our story from earlier in the week, that details where you can get the iPhone 6. If you’re feeling rich or you’ve saved up you can also pay for the unlocked one.

Meanwhile, Three don’t appear to have started their pre-orders just yet…

More iPhone 6 pre order details