The man behind the leaks – Evan Blass

The man behind the leaks   Evan Blass
Whether you’ve followed us for while or just for a few short months, the massive @evleaks Twitter account has been the source of many handset and tablet leaks. We, as tech sites, quickly learned that this particular leaker was very reliable.

Images, specs and launch dates have been leaked over the years and, pretty much all the time, the details were bang on. However, just a few days ago the man behind this account decided to stop doing any more leaking.

Evan Blass, the “king of leakers”, hasn’t done an on-camera interview before. The BBC managed to catch up with him in Philadelphia. It shows that there’s a lot more to him than just @evleaks.

It’s an interesting and revealing interview which is well worth a watch. Let us know your thoughts too.