EE in hot water over Priority Answer service

EE in hot water over Priority Answer service

You know that new service that EE have started offering everyone but their pay and go customers? Yeah, the one where you pay 50p to queue jump. Well, it has landed them in some hot water on social media channels.

#EE is just the RyanAir of mobile networks. They’ve introduced a 50p “queue jump” charge for their customer service calls…

..and there’s more..

I wouldn’t pay an extra 50p..I would wait..and tweet my disgust EVERY minute to @EE about the bad customer service 😉 So when I next have bad service, I have to pay an extra 50p to get good service!? @EE you are disgusting!  #greedy

This is obviously not what they are wanting but they assure customers that they will still get the same excellent level of service regardless of if they pay or not. This is a response from a employees from EE…

.. the company will still process calls as quickly and efficiently as we can. The option of paying the charge is being made available to everyone except pay-as-you-go customers.

So what do you guys think? Is this a sign of things to come or is this outrageous and should it be quashed immediately?

More details via The Independent