Tracking your Activity using Endomondo

In this article I looked at how it’s possible to manage your fitness using your smartphone and the My Fitness Pal App.

My Fitness Pal is used to track your food intake against the amount of exercise you perform, which is great but to give you maximum control over you fitness it automatically integrates with other well known specialist tools, an example of which is Endomondo.

Tracking your Activity using Endomondo

Your Exercise Stats

Endomondo is an exercise tracking tool which uses the GPS technology in your Smart Phone to track your location, speed and the distance that you travel.
With these measurements it can provide accurate statistics for you to track your activity and work out how many calories you have burnt.

Endomondo allows you to provide basic information about yourself, eg weight, Height, Age etc to help with its calculations, and asks you to set the type of exercise that you are taking part in.
Endomondo comes with the ability to track over 50 different types of exercise from running to football to even steering your own wheelchair, I personal use it to track the distance that I walk if out for a stroll.

Tracking your Activity using Endomondo

Over 50 Activities are Included

Using Endomondo is simple thanks to it’s well designed interface, simply choose your activity, press the start button when you begin your exercise, put your phone in your pocket and press the end button when you have finished.

You are then provided with details of your activity including a map of your journey, the distance travelled, the time taken and how many calories you have burnt.
Importantly Endomondo can then pass the details automatically onto My Fitness Pal for it to store in it’s database.

Tracking your Activity using Endomondo

Results are Integrated into My Fitness Pal

As part of the free version of the App, Endomondo includes a number of free health challenges for you to take part in, these are expanded to include personal training plans should you wish to pay a small membership fee.
To be clear though the free version of the app provides all the functionality required to track your exercise.

Used either on its own or as part of a suite of fitness apps, Endomondo is a useful companion tool to help you improve your fitness.