Images of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak out

Rumours, leaks and people’s imagination are what fill the gaps between new phones being announced these days. Not a week goes by without speculation about a forthcoming Samsung device. The rumours surrounding the metallic Galaxy F or Galaxy Alpha have been kicking around for a while now and some leaked pictures over at SamMobile show what it’s going to look like and also what it looks like next to a Galaxy S5.

In my opinion it seems that the Galaxy Alpha is going to be an odd device that doesn’t really fit in with the current portfolio, a few details about the upcoming phone also leave me a little confused. Firstly is the size of the thing, manufacturers make smaller phones to lower prices or to target a certain demographic of people who like small devices made from premium materials. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is rumoured to have a 4.7″ screen, which scenario for lowering the screen size do you think is happening here? Especially as the next iPhone is rumoured to be 4.7″. Secondly the choice of materials shown doesn’t exactly scream premium at me, yes it looks better quality than the S5 but it’s nowhere near as premium looking as that little phone it seems to be copying. Which leads to my third concern, if this is really what Samsung release as the Galaxy Alpha and Apple release what has been leaked for the 4.7″ iPhone 6 they are going to look very similar. Is it a coincidence? Have Samsung really tried to copy the iPhone again? Is there going to be another big law suit?

Anyway back to the rumoured information about the Galaxy Alpha it apparently will have a 32GB non expandable internal memory, a Nano SIM slot and a fingerprint scanner. There also will apparently be an LTE-A variant of the Alpha as well.

Only time will tell whether or not this latest leak is real. Samsung obviously have something up their sleeves, whether they will have repercussions for actually releasing such a device is another matter. Rumours are that there will be another unpacked event in August.

Source – SamMobile