Want a Ninja in your wallet? Check this out

Beer. Great isn’t it? Especially in this weather. Lovely, lovely beer. However, if I do ever manage to get a bottle into our house undetected I usually end up on a long hunt for the bottle opener. The same thing happens if we’re out camping, and it’s never where you thought you left it.

This thing, then, is the solution to your problems. It will slide into your wallet and is the size of a normal credit card. It’s tough too. There’s no plastic to be seen and is made from 4x heat-treated steel. It’ll open bottles and also has 17 other uses – opening letters, opening boxes, opening cans and screwing screws too, plus much more.

Want a Ninja in your wallet? Check this out

You can use the Wallet Ninja, which is £8.99, as a ruler and a phone stand too.

Take a look at the pictures below for a closer look..

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