Google Cardboard – The cheap virtual reality headset

Remember our review of the Luckies Smartphone Projector ? It’s a rather clever cardboard construction which will send the image from your smartphone screen over to a wall or another flat surface. On the whole it worked jolly well and you can see our review here.

Google Cardboard   The cheap virtual reality headset

However, the “Oculus thift” budget virtual reality headset, seems to be taking the idea to the next level. “Google Cardboard”, with the help of a couple of lenses and your smartphone, gets you a rather brilliant VR headset for not-that-much-money.

The headset got a demo at Google I/O a few days ago. You might want to skip through a bit, but from about 34 minutes onwards you can really see the benefits.

Known previously as “Field of view”, you can get more detail from the Google Developers site. It’s intended to turbo-charge development of virtual reality apps and games, but I think they could have just given several manufacturers a very good idea indeed.