AirDog – A camera-equipped copter that’ll follow you round

This man knows how to make Kickstarter videos. He walks towards the camera like Hugh Laurie in House. Nice style. He basically wants you to invest in an aerial sports drone. If you’ve got enough cash and a penchant for outdoor sporting activity, this could be your thing.

It’s an aerial camera that you don’t have to worry about. It’ll fly itself and will match your pace. While you’re busy riding or skiing it’ll be hovering above to capture the best shots possible. At the end of your sporting activity you’ll have a super-smooth, perfectly framed video to show your posh mates.

AirDog   A camera equipped copter thatll follow you round

The price, once funded, looks to be around $1500, which is something like £884.

How does it work? Well, it follows the signal from another device you wear – the programmable tracker known as the “AirLeash”. It send all the movement trajectory details to the AirDog and it’ll also makes sure that the camera points directly at you for some “radical” shots. Takeoff and landing is completely autonomous and, if it’s running low on battery, it’ll simply land at the takeoff spot.

The end result is, basically, this…

If you want to splash a bit of cash and get this project to the $200,000 goal, go to the Kickstarter page. Oh, and if you’re wondering how all this connects to smartphones, the AirDog has six follow modes, all configurable via the AirDog app.

What’s that? You’re planning on buying one of these to create a low-budget movie as you drive up the M6? Well, the thought had crossed our mind too. It’d be great for off-road biking, boating and perhaps even some strange overhead tracking of your children as they walk to school. Maybe.

Oh yeah, there’s all sorts of legal issues (at least here in the UK) about flying these things so definitely check that out first (yadda yadda, please don’t sue us)..

That walking-towards-the-camera thing has got us searching YouTube, and we’ve found this..