Like your cars? Try the app to meet other enthusiasts

The big social networks are all well and good, but if you want to meet like-minded people you’re probably best to create your own social network. For car enthusiasts the website is already a popular place to be, but now the mobile app (available on iTunes and Google Play) has over 1,000,000 users and over 1,000,000 cars shared.

It’s free and is where users come together to share their car love. Stories, photos, videos, mods and specs can be posted on the app and it’s simple to discover new vehicles to become fanatical about. Show off your car or your car knowledge. You can engage in real-time messaging with push notifications and easily update your car blog through the app too.

As with any social network, the images you take need to be tweaked first, so the app also includes the ability to tweak photos with custom filter effects. You can also view, like, and follow other cars and take part in “Car of the Day” add comments and much more.

If your car has seen better days and you’re unable to sell it because it needs scrapping, there’s also a range of websites where you can sell clunkers.