oneplus one delayed again over fiddling with OpenSSL fix

oneplus one delayed again over fiddling with OpenSSL fix

There are some hotly anticipated phones that just don’t ever seem to come out on time when they really really needed to. I’m thinking of the Palm Pre 3 as one of those cases and the original HTC One as another. Now the OnePlus One seems destined to join their ranks.

This time, this one time, it’s for a reason I can understand and even endorse. Half of the tech world got its knickers in a serious twist (yeah, possibly a mobius knot or something) when the revelations about the heartbleed bug was released, so when the next SSL vulnerability became public not too long ago, OnePlus decided to do something about it before they released the phone.

To be fair, this new set of vulnerabilities were only made public on 5th of June, so a little delay whilst they fix the issue is understandable… Even if it’s after the current set of delays…

At least OnePlus has been open about why the delays have occurred. They even went onto Reddit to explain themselves, which is impressive in any case. One of the developers, Abhisek Devkota who has the username of Ciwrl, breaks it down in a simple to understand format: since they had to recompile some of the code, the whole firmware needs to be recertified and of course that means factoring the QA time. After all, you wouldn’t want your shiny new phone to get pwned straight of the box would you?

Either way, there’s still no shipping date. The wait for the One continues and it’s not surprising when you get so much phone for such a good price.

Source: reddit