Meze 11 Deco Headphones review

Headphones are ten a penny. Getting the right ones is a tricky task and sometimes you’ll either need a software equalizer or that rather clever Beats technology to make the sound better. These headphones, Meze, are made from handcrafted beech wood. This, according to the makers, produces a “warm, natural sound”.

Meze 11 Deco Headphones review

These work with iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones and pretty much any other other audio equipment packing a 3.5mm audio port.

These Meze 11 Deco earphones are €65, which is about £53. That’s pretty pricey but they are very classy with a definite identity and style.

Meze 11 Deco Headphones review

There’s a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, a microphone and a swish container to keep the headphones nice and safe. They’re 8mm neodymium speakers with a frequency response of 17Hz-25KHz and have a 14 Ohm impedance. Translating that is a little tricky, but I have to say that these are possibly the loudest and distortion-free headphones I have ever used. There’s a good but not overly-deep bass response and no confusion between the higher and lower tones when playing music.

The wooden elements definitely give the sound a unique feel and also a very different and individual look to other headphones you’ll see on the high street.

If you’d like to buy them, head over to for more details.

Here’s a full up-close gallery so you can have a proper look at these earphones..