iOS apps now running on Android

iOS apps now running on AndroidYou can now run Apple apps on Android. Sure, that’s the headline but in reality the solution isn’t a retail boxed product as yet. The software is called “Cider” and, well, let’s just get this out of the way and show it in action shall we?

Researchers at the University of Columbia have created the solution, which is in a prototype stage and uses the kernel to allow apps written for both Android and iOS to run at the same time on an Android-powered Nexus 7. Cider creates a “persona” as an execution mode within Android to run the iOS apps, which – although appearing a little slower than usual – operate pretty well indeed.

There’s still various hoops to jump through. The iOS apps can have issues if they try and call for the GPS, Bluetooth or camera, but the clever people within the University of Columbia are continuing to work on the system, which is still in the early stages.