Use your smartphone to talk to your new friend… the oven.

Blimey. I think I’ve been writing for this site far too long now. I’m getting press releases about how you can control and talk to your household appliances via a smartphone. Yes, you can actually control and monitor devices like a washing machine and fridge using the new LG HomeChat messaging service.

Use your smartphone to talk to your new friend... the oven.

Right now LG are rolling out the talkative “Premium Smart Appliances” in South Korea. It uses the HomeChat messaging service along with a “Natural Language Processing” engine to let you download washing cycles, check the bun in your oven or chat to your refrigerator. I particularly love this section of the press release we’ve just received…

HomeChat makes communicating with LG’s smart refrigerator, washing machine or oven much like chatting with a close friend.

AGH! Stop the world! I want to get off!

LG’s smart washing machine will ensure that the laundry is completed by the time they get home. And by texting what are you doing? users can receive real time updates on the washer’s progress.

Yes, your oven, microwave, washing machine or fridge could become your new friend. Be sure to follow them on Facebook too.

Full press details below.

Use your smartphone to talk to your new friend... the oven.