Apple wins yet more cash from Samsung

Apple wins yet more cash from Samsung

Making and selling Android phones can be a tricky business. As part of previous licencing deals you’ll end up paying Microsoft a fee per handset and, especially if you’re Samsung, you’ll be getting sued fairly regularly by Apple.

In the latest courtroom battle,  the jury has sided with the fruity firm and ordered Samsung to pay $119.6 million in damages for infringing two of the five Apple parents in the case.

The damages could increase slightly as one Samsung device¬†was found also to be infringing the “slide to unlock” patent,  and a decision on damages for that hasn’t been made yet.

Meanwhile,  a small crumb of good news from Samsung, who will receive  $158,000 from Apple after they were found to be infringing one of Samsung’s patents.

Either way, Samsung look set to appeal their $119.6 million bill, even though it’s a lot,  lot less than the $1 billion damages awarded to Apple in an earlier meeting.