Samsung owes Apple a lot of money

In a legal battle that has been going on for the last 20 years (or so it seems), Apple have been fighting with Samsung about patent infringement in pretty much any court that will listen to them. The original and biggest case is the one that has been running in America.

Back in August 2012 the court decided that Apple was correct and Samsung owed them $1.05 billion, this was then reduced by the judge and was going through a second trial to decide how much exactly Apple were entitled to. This has finally finished with a figure of $929.8 million, that’s about £555.4 million in proper money.

Samsung owes Apple a lot of money

However the judge in the case Judge Koh refused to grant Apple a complete injunction to sales of the devices in question, with the two sides failing to reach an agreement of the patent issues at the heart of the case and with Apple adding the still popular Galaxy S3 to the list of handsets allegedly infringing on the patents, there is going to be a sequel.

Seconds out….. round two.

Source: WSJ