It’s nearly time for March of the Droids 2014

Its nearly time for March of the Droids 2014
Meeting like minded people is something I thrive on, meeting someone who understands how to set their phone up properly or who knows the difference between SDK and ADB is a great feeling. I’m sad to say it doesn’t happen often.

Most of my days are spent talking to pedants who don’t understand what the Cloud is, who have no idea about syncing their contacts online and they certainly can’t advise me on how to finally flash a custom recovery on my LG G2. Once a year though I get to attend a little event called March of the Droids where me and a few of the other writers from Coolsmartphone attend an event where we and many other people get together and have a good old chat.

This year the event will held in Bournemouth and apart from me and some of the team there will be people from Clove in attendance showing off some new devices, Paul O Brien from Modaco talking about wearable technology, Matteo from Skyscanner talking about mobile app testing, Tom from Hyperbees talking about in app purchases and as I mentioned earlier me and some of the Coolsmartphone team just chatting with everyone there.

Tickets are available at this page here. More info about the event is available here.

On the day there will be competitions to win stuff from some of the sponsors of the event, the main one being Sony who giving away phones and watches, Skyscanner are giving away some clothing and me clearing out my gadget cupboard. I’m not yet sure what to bring along to giveaway.

So if you’re interested in meeting up with some like minded people on Saturday the 10th of May then head over to the ticket page above. Lastly if you do attend come over and say hi to me, Dan and Mark.