Yet more Galaxy S5 deals. Get yourself some cashback

We’ve already told you about the Samsung Galaxy S5 deals on EE. Yes, there’s the free return flight to Europe and yes, you’ll get getting double-data. However, how’d you like even more?

Well, if you sign up for that Quidco and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 with EE you can get up to £100 cashback. The terms and conditions state that you’ll need to choose a Galaxy S5 on pay monthly tariffs over £42.98 to get the full £100. We can’t actually find a new a plan that costs that much, but it’s worth signing up if you want the phone on EE.

Yet more Galaxy S5 deals. Get yourself some cashback

Meanwhile, there’s a similar deal with Vodafone. You can bag a £120 cashback if you pre-order the handset via a 24 month contract. Voda have the gold edition on an exclusive.

O2 are getting in on the action too, and are dishing out up to £120 cashback if you pre-order. Not only that, but if you go with them they’ll deliver 2GB of data instead of 1GB.

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