Let’s face it, batteries are rubbish

At Mobile World Congress I’d love to see someone announce a phone battery that actually lasts more than a day. I mean, Duracell have the Powermat and we all have chargers in the car… at home.. at the office.

Now we’re even seeing more of these mobile device charging stations popping up in shopping centres. Whack your phone into one of the lockers and see if you can handle the inevitable “come down” of having no phone to fiddle with while your other half drags you around some expensive clothes shops.

Lets face it, batteries are rubbish

The lovely people at Charge-it have secured the exclusive UK rights to the market leading RiCharge stations. These basically give secure public phone charging with fingerprint locking and a big screen up front for advertising stuff.

So, we’ve got mobile chargers, solar chargers, chargers that sit in shopping centres… I’ll give five whole British pounds to the first person who can invent me up a thin smartphone battery that’ll last a week. Come on, it can’t be too hard.

Ahem.. 🙂