MWC – Duracell Powermat in action

Wireless charging ? We had to give this a try. The Duracell Powermat promises just that. In reality you need a special case to get it to “talk” the Powermat, but for those having that already this shouldn’t be a problem. In the demo we were shown an iPhone getting slid into the case, clicking into a connector inside the case, and then closed up. The “receiver case” can then magically connect to your device. Each receiver case knows how much power is needed and the Powermat itself has a special “brain” (seriously, this is what they told us) that knows what device it is and how much power is required.

So what if you go out and want to charge? Do you have to take the case off and plug it in ? Well no, they’ve got a special portable backup battery. Simply charge that on the Powermat, then plonk the backup battery into your car and boom – you just drop your phone on that instead.

Get more details on Powermat on the link below, or click on for a video showing it in action. Things will get really interesting when manufacturers pick this up and start integrating the technology into handsets.

Links – Duracell PowermatYouTube