I’ve gone mad, and I need your help

I could just dress this up and tug on your heart-strings like those daytime TV adverts asking for “just £2 per month” but I won’t. I’ll instead tell you a story.

A few months ago I’d visited a friends house. It was just after Bonfire Night and I enjoyed a few beers whilst discussing the fact that I’d started doing to odd bike ride in order to improve my fitness. It’s fair to say that my job isn’t the most energetic way to spend your day, so I wanted to go out and do a few miles. He asked me if I’d like to do a small charity ride and, as I’d had a beer or two, I agreed.

Ive gone mad, and I need your help

This is not me. This is a stock image. I don’t look anywhere near as cool as this. Imagine a sweaty guy with mud all over the place.

The next day, as my son woke me up by jumping on my head at crazy o’clock, I remembered that the “small charity ride” was actually from London to Paris.

If I’m absolutely honest, I hoped someone would forget. However, I then found out about the charity we’re supporting. The Edward’s Trust was set up in 1989 by Peter and Hilary Dent after the death of their son Edward, aged 7, from cancer. The Birmingham-based charity supports children and families who are facing loss and surviving bereavement. Suddenly I really didn’t mind my son waking me up. This is a charity that helps those going through a bleak and terrible time.

Ive gone mad, and I need your help

I’m therefore trying to raise money for Edward’s Trust, so there’s a Just Giving page and you can donate via text too. The Government will add on Gift Aid, which will add to the donations. As I’m a gadget freak I’ll be documenting the adventure and you can see me either collapsing in a heap just outside Biggin Hill or, quite possibly, arriving in Paris. From June 5th to June 8th this year I’ll starting at Big Ben and then, after a little 247 mile route, ending up at the Eiffel Tower

If you’d like to help, send a text to 70070 with the code LTPT47 and then the amount you’d like to donate – £1, £5, £10 etc. You can also add Gift Aid at no extra cost. You can also head to the JustGiving page we’ve created and donate there too. There’s a team of 15 of us.

Ive gone mad, and I need your help

I also want to thank you in advance, because if you do this you’re pretty bloomin’ amazing in my book. I’m just a crazy person who’s going to get a very sore backside.